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Benefits Of Using Postage Meters

Postage meters have evolved into efficient, productive as well as affordable mailing machines that can surely help you save both time and money, enhance your brand name and speed up your mail-room operations. Here are a few reasons on why you should use a postage meter.

- Reinforcing Your Brand Image

Metered mail really makes a statement about your business - in fact, your envelope is usually the very first impression you make on your customer.

- Convenience

Avoid the headache of visiting the post office. Owning postage meter means postage is readily available 24/7.

- Free Advertising

With it's capability to print a company logo or product image, a postage meter can simply change your envelope in to a mini-billboard. This is very important since 'envelope’ marketing has been shown to improve readership, while increasing response rates.

- Save Money

Postage Meters and scales inform you precisely how much postage you'll need for any kind of mailing. Medium to small enterprises that use postage meter can cut back over 20% of their postage expenses every year. Never waste your money by over-stamping.

- Be More Productive

Time is money when it comes to the business world. Spend more of your time doing important tasks for your company like planning invoices and completing payroll rather than driving every time to the post office. You will be saving on fuel as well.

- Tailored to Your Needs

With our affordable and innovative postage meters like PostBase 85, PostBase 65, PostBase 30, PostBase 45, PostBase 20 and CentorMail, you've the solution that is right for your company based on the volume of mail you send every day.

- Flexible and Traceable

Several departments or employees of your company can utilize the same postage meter but you can keep track of the postage expenses by a department or a person.

- Improved Security

Eliminating physical stamping means you will never want to bother about damaged or lost stamps. Your postage dollars are risk-free in your meter, instead of a messy desk drawer.

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